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Would You Water Your Garden With A Leaky Hose

Aired: April 27, 2023

Sponsored by Centauri Health Solutions

This webinar was continuing the interactive discussion we started at RISE National 2023 about data hygiene and the importance of performing a holistic assessment of data and revenue leakage as part of an overall data governance strategy for risk adjustment using a “leaky hose” metaphor, with the claims universe being the “faucet” end of the hose and risk adjustment operations being the “nozzle” end of the hose. Our discussion included many of the typical reasons for the holes in the hose that cause risk adjustment data and revenue leakage, and an overview of how to address them. We also discussed the need for both concurrent and retrospective data governance strategies to manage leaks, and how to empower providers related to non-clinical improvement activities designed to prevent and address leaks.

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