Dr. Jasmine Zapata joins us for the latest episode of RISE Radio, our podcast series that focuses on issues that impact our three communities: Quality & Revenue; Medicare Member Acquisition & Experience; and Social Determinants of Health.

“Dr. Jaz,” a keynote speaker at the upcoming RISE Women in Health Care Leadership Summit, Dec. 14-15 at the InterContinental San Diego, will discuss finding and pursuing your passion.

In this 20-minute podcast, Dr. Jaz discusses how to find time to take care of yourself to lead at a high level in all other areas of your life. She demonstrates this practice daily in her own life. She is an award-winning author, speaker, and double board-certified physician who specializes in the fields of pediatrics and public health. As a medical doctor, she does public health research, works in the hospital caring for newborn babies, trains new doctors, and serves as a state public health official.

Outside of her medical roles, she is extremely passionate about mentorship and girl empowerment and describes her mission in life as one to heal, uplift, and inspire. Dr. Jaz is the founder of the Beyond Beautiful Girls Empowerment Movement, which helps girls increase their confidence, self-esteem, and leadership skills. Beyond Beautiful means you are more than what people see on the outside—your true beauty is within! The Beyond Beautiful books, live events, music, and courses have now reached schools, churches, health systems, and nonprofits both nationally and internationally.  

The RISE Women in Health Care Leadership Summit

Attendees of The RISE Women in Health Care Leadership Summit who join her fireside chat will receive a copy of her book, Beyond Beautiful.

To learn more about the Beyond Beautiful Girls Empowerment Movement, visit www.BeyondBeautifulTour.org and https://madison365.com/beyond-beautiful-celebration-an-afternoon-of-pure-joy/.

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