A multi-disciplinary certification program to help you navigate the complexities of compliance in government-based health care programs.

Become RISE Certified

Staying current on best practices for compliance and risk management is a daily challenge with government-contracted programs. With the scrutiny and oversight of these programs, both legal and financial risks must be constantly assessed and managed. The RISE Certification program is designed to provide confidence having mastered the complexities of compliance and risk management. In addition, the RISE certifications pivot on business outcomes and capability to achieve the realization of same in your role.

Advanced HCC Auditor, AHCCA

Understand how to fully document the burden of illness at the highest level of specificity

Navigate the central source of discrepancy-incomplete provider documentation

Optimize your risk mitigation-gain role clarity and smooth out hand-offs between providers, vendors, quality functions so you are audit ready

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Risk Adjustment Practitioner, RAP

Indicate mastery in the methods, best practices, and mitigation strategies to manage risk and compliance

Demonstrate knowledge of policies, operational implications and cross-functional complications

Illustrate the understanding of inter-relationships between provider, plan and revenue management

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Having completed a RISE online course or in-person workshop, you’ll be well prepared for certification testing as RISE programs are developed by key opinion leaders considering a consensus of acknowledged subject matter experts. Both our online courses and workshops offer the content instruction needed for certification.

RISE Certification Provides:

  • A publicly recognized credential indicating mastery of the complexities of compliance and risk in government-based health care programs.
  • Evidence of training on a disciplined approach to compliance with best practice and standard of accepted practice.
  • An illustration of your professional progression and credentialing in a demanding field of expertise.

Certification Process

Choose Your Preferred Training Method

  • In-person Workshops – Risk Adjustment and HCC Coding & Documentation are offered throughout the year by the RISE Institute in different geographic locations.
  • Online courses accessible 24/7 through the RISE Institute.

Sit for the Exam

  • The online certification exams are standardized tests that evaluate your knowledge-base and ability to apply that knowledge in case-studies in the program you’ve attended
  • You have three opportunities to pass
  • Certificates are valid for 24-months from the date the candidate passes the certification exam

Ongoing and Continuing Education

  • The RISE Institute will establish additional continuing education credits in conjunction with the RISE organization for qualifying events based upon content and the number of "course" hours
  • Where applicable, the RISE Institute applies for Continuing Education Units from other credentialed programs (AHIMA)

Continuing Education Units

Maintain your RISE Institute certifications by participating in:

  • RISE Webinars - 1 CEU for each hour-long webinar. (90 minute webinars = 1.5 CEUs)
  • RISE User Groups / HCC Coder Focus Groups - 1 CEU for each 60-minute call
  • RISE Academy Workshops
    • CMS & HHS Risk Adjustment 101 and HCC Coding Accuracy  - 10.5 CEUs
    • Leading and Implementing HCC Coding and Documentation Programs - 15.5 CEUs