Our annual program returns April 26-27 as a virtual event and will explore the impact of COVID on vulnerable populations and the associated financial crisis related to Medicaid funding and enrollment, critical behavioral health challenges and the need for integrated care for members, and social determinants of health and associated funding issues.

Andrey Ostrovsky, M.D., former chief medical officer of the US Medicaid program, and two senior analysts from the U.S. Government Accountability Office, will present keynote addresses at the Medicaid Managed Care Leadership Summit, a live-streaming event on April 26-27.

Ostrovsky, pictured right, who now serves as the managing partner of Social Innovation Ventures, is an investor, senior operating leader, and health policy expert with over a decade of experience applying human-centered design, agile development, lean management, quality improvement, and entrepreneurial principles to eliminate disparities and sustainably achieve the Quadruple Aim.

His keynote will address the business case for innovation in Medicaid. Ostrovsky will examine promising practices for developing and consuming solutions serving the Medicaid space and will review outcomes from following these best practices. His presentation will take place at 10:10 a.m. Tuesday, April 26, the first day of the virtual event.

Russell Voth and Hannah Locke, senior analysts with the U.S. Government Accountability Office, will kick off the second day of the conference with a keynote address about GAO oversight of Medicaid Managed Care.

Medicaid Managed Care Leadership Summit

The two-day event will be streamed live and will bring state and federal legislators, Medicaid Managed Care health plans, providers, and community-based organizations together virtually to improve program integrity oversight, successfully manage state and federal compliance, bolster member engagement, strive for health equity, and eliminate barriers to care delivery.

This year’s conference will feature 15 hours of content with more than 20 industry experts. In addition to the blockbuster keynotes, planned sessions include:

United for Good: Bringing CBOs, MCOs, and Healthcare Providers Together to Impact Positive Change

Kelly Cronin, deputy administrator, innovation and partnership, HHS Administration on Community Living, and Jane Pirsig, member consultant, Social Current, will explain how to recognize the cultural differences between MCOs, health care providers, and CBOs and how to mitigate them to achieve joint goals. Attendees will also learn best practices for partnering together to maximize impact and how to assess interoperability issues and tackle issues of data sharing, HIEs, privacy, and security. 

Case Study: Implementing an Integrated Health Home Model

Speakers will share information on how to create a successful integrated health home model. Andrew F Cleek, chief program officer, and Boris Vilgorin, health care strategy officer, both from McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy & Research NYU; Donna Stevenson, senior director, practice & payer transformation, Alliance Health; and Leigh Herring Daughtridge, LCSW, vice president of care management, behavioral health, Monarch, will discuss how they developed the pilot integrated health home model, lessons learned during implementation, and future opportunities.

Breakthroughs in Behavioral Health: Solving for Modern Challenges in a Post-Pandemic Environment

Speakers will present a new model of care that integrates mental and physical approaches that has led to reduced disparities in health outcomes. Ann Chauvin, LICSW, CEO/executive director, Woodley House; Yavar Moghimi, chief psychiatric medical officer, Amerihealth Caritas DC; and Caitlin Apo, clinical director, McClendon Center, will also explain how to manage trauma-induced mental health disorders and recognize the effects of the pandemic on mental health and the rise of substance abuse in the Medicaid communities. 

Join the virtual 7th Annual Medicaid Managed Care Leadership Summit on April 26-27. Click here for the full agenda, roster of speakers, and information on how to register for the program.