What exactly does a hybrid event entail? Here’s your one-stop guide for what to expect at the June 2021 event.

The annual RISE Summit on Social Determinants of Health will be one event with two experiences this year. To meet each attendee’s comfort level, RISE will offer two ways to attend the summit on June 14-15, including in-person in Nashville or virtually via live stream.

While discussing the conversion of live events to virtual ones amid the pandemic and the evolution of the new hybrid model in a recent podcast episode of RISE Radio, RISE Managing Director Ellen Wofford spoke about the importance of an equal conference experience for in-person and virtual attendees and the value it can add to the RISE Summit on Social Determinants of Health in particular.

“These are folks in public health; they are vaccinated already at this point. Folks who work for community-based organizations who have been on the frontlines the whole time, they’re ready to get together and convene again. That being said, there are some Medicare Advantage plans and some health plans who are under travel bans. So, we really have developed a model that we feel, if they can’t travel, they are going to see the same things,” she said, noting the parallels in-person and virtual attendees will experience throughout the event from engaging with live speakers to forging partnerships in a networking reception.

Here’s what the hybrid model will look like for both attendance experiences:

Featured content and sessions

Both attendance options will deliver the exact same top-notch content and engaging sessions. Plus, at the conclusion of the event, in-person and virtual attendees will also receive access to the on-demand library of recordings to view any conference sessions they may have missed during the event or would like to playback.

Providing the same content regardless of how people choose to attend the event, ticket price is the same for in-person attendance in Nashville and virtual attendance via live stream.

Speaker lineup

The conference will feature a well-balanced mix of in-person speakers and speakers presenting from their home offices. As in-person attendees engage with speakers throughout presentations and live Q&A sessions, virtual attendees will be just as involved by using the virtual platform to interact with panelists, provide feedback, and ask questions.

Networking opportunities

To offer much-needed cross-sector collaboration, attendees will enjoy ample networking opportunities, both in-person and virtually.

In-person attendees will be able to return to face-to-face networking during socially distanced breaks and receptions with other attendees, speakers, and solutions providers. All networking opportunities will be compliant with CDC guidelines, including individually wrapped appetizers and more!

But virtual attendees won’t miss out on any of the networking fun. With access to RISE’s exclusive virtual networking lobby, virtual attendees will be able partake in the same level of across-the-ecosystem collaboration with one another but from the comfort of their homes. Rest assured, this is no Zoom meeting! In the lobby, participants will be able to turn on their cameras, hop around small table discussions of up to eight people, and create one-on-one conversations at a private table.

Exhibit Hall experience

There will be a socially distanced Exhibit Hall in Nashville where in-person attendees can shop new solutions from leading service providers, reconnect with familiar faces, and watch product demos.

Virtual attendees will receive the same benefits in the virtual Exhibit Hall, where they can schedule one-on-one appointments, live chat with vendors, and download product resources.

Click here to listen the full podcast episode with RISE Managing Director Ellen Wofford.

The RISE Summit on Social Determinants of Health will be offered as a hybrid event on June 14-15 in Nashville and streaming online, with virtual preconference workshops on Friday, June 11. Click here for more information, including registration and attendance details.