Wellness & Activity Experiences


Wellness & Activity Experiences

The Broadmoor Resort’s picturesque mountains, streams, and canyons set the perfect backdrop for wellness opportunities and unique activities while staying at the property. We are thrilled to provide sponsorship opportunities to allow for intimate, face-to-face time with prospects and clients during an unforgettable activity that is sure to leave an impression for years to come.

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3 Available

Known for its relaxing, calming and healing effects, participants engage in positional release techniques that removes any strain or pain which allows the body to fully relax. Ideal for the hectic nature of a busy life! Up to 20 conference attendees will be eligible to sign up for this 40-minute session which includes your branding on promotional materials including emails and conference signage.

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3 Available

Yoga Stretch focuses on more supine, passive, and supported yoga postures to enhance flexibility and release of body tensions. Up to 40 conference attendees will be eligible to sign up for this 60-minute session which includes your branding on promotional materials including emails, mobile app, and conference signage.

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1 Available

Our brand-new Wellness Suite will be located in the conference space and is open to all attendees on Wednesday & Thursday afternoon. The suite will feature massage chairs and deep stretching techniques to give attendees a mental break from all the learning and networking. Your branding will be featured on all promotional materials and signage.

02 - Wellness Experiences - Morning Fun Walk.png

2 Available

On Thursday or Friday morning, breathe in the beauty of the surrounding Broadmoor landscape as you stroll, trot, and dash your way through the Broadmoor community. Leaving from the Broadmoor resort, this fun walk will navigate the picturesque mountain surroundings while taking in the beautiful Broadmoor campus. All fitness levels are welcome. This is a unique opportunity for face-to-face time with conference attendees and the sponsorship will feature your branding on promotional materials.

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1 Available

Leaving from the Broadmoor hotel on Wednesday afternoon, participants will navigate the picturesque mountain surroundings on a 1-2 hour moderately rated hike amongst some of the grandest scenery Colorado has to offer. This is an unforgettable experience for conference attendees and a unique opportunity for face-to-face time with up to 30 of your top prospects and clients, invited by you. Your branding will be featured on all promotional materials and signage.

03 - Wellness Experiences - Pickleball Tournament.png

1 Available on Wednesday Afternoon

Pickleball outings at The Broadmoor are a most memorable sponsorship opportunity for your team, clients, and prospects to interact with one another in a unique way. Develop a new skillset, create new relationships, enjoy camaraderie, and a spirit of team-building in a natural way. Conducted under the comfort of the “bubble” in the winter months, weather is not a factor in executing an exciting afternoon.

The RISE Pickleball Tournament welcomes all fitness levels, taking place on Wednesday afternoon, starting with a pre-tournament clinic expertly conducted by The Broadmoor Staff, followed by a round-robin mixed doubles tournament! Your sponsorship includes branding on all promotional materials, plus a bar and snacks for all participants.

The Pre-Tournament Clinic (30-45 minutes) requires no prior pickleball experience and will:

• Introduce everyone to the basics of pickleball rules and strategy, and allows participants ample time to warm up and try it out

• Provide pointers on how to play in high altitude

• Allow time for the tournament staff to create the draw without the disruption of late-comers and last-minute entrants. By the time the clinic is over, the draw is ready and the players can be directed to the courts to start the tournament.

The Mixed-Doubles Tournament

In the mixed doubles tournament format, men will be paired with women, but partners will change with each round of four games. This fun, social format is a great equalizer and gives the players an opportunity to play and network with different partners. The scoring is based on total games won during the tournament. A play-off at the end of the tournament may be arranged and is a fun conclusion to the day, allowing the non-playoff participants to observe and enjoy food and beverages.

12 - Broadmoor Activity Experiences - Painting Class.png

1 Available

Get your paintbrushes out! Invite 15-20 of your top prospects to a private group session on oil or watercolor painting. We have contracted the exclusive Broadmoor resident artist, Patience Heyl, for professional instruction as you paint indoors working from still life or photography. Sponsorship includes wine & cheese, along with branding on all promotional materials and signage.


1 Available

Engage conference attendees in a fun and interactive scavenger hunt around the Broadmoor property. This experience is a way for conference attendees to learn more about Spencer Penrose and the 100-year old legacy of this amazing property – plus a customized trivia question all about you! Attendees will complete the scavenger hunt by looking for information around the Broadmoor and the Exhibit Hall, and return to your booth for a small prize of your choice! Sponsorship includes branding on all promotional materials and signage.

18 - Broadmoor Activity Experiences - Art & History Tour.png

2 Available
$3,000 per day or $5,000 for both days

Invite your hand selected group of prospects to explore The Broadmoor’s unique history and one of the finest and most extensive collections of Western Art in the world. The Broadmoor tour guides will walk you through an almost forgotten time as shown through the eyes and palettes of some of the greatest artists in the world. Learn how these paintings, and the artists who created them, chronicled the taming of the American West. Tours will happen twice a day on Wednesday and Thursday, and will include your branding on all promotional materials and signage. Unlock all the secrets of this hundred year old property during this unique sponsorship opportunity.

08 - Broadmoor Activity Experiences - Welcome Presentation.png

1 Available

All conference attendees will be invited to your private meeting room above the lobby for a 15-minute presentation about the activities and events available at The Broadmoor, as well as sightseeing and recreational opportunities throughout the Pikes Peak Region. These presentations will happen at the top and bottom of each hour on Wednesday from 11am-4pm. Sponsorship will include branding on promotional materials and signage, as well as a table for branded swag and marketing materials which you provide. Food and beverage can be added for an additional fee.

15 - Broadmoor Activity Experiences - Culinary Team Cooking Demonstrations.png


Developed in cooperation with The Broadmoor, this is bar none one of the most unique opportunities RISE has ever offered to maximize networking and provide an unforgettable sponsorship experience. You and up to 30 of your hand selected prospects will immerse themselves in a gourmet experience. Pricing is based on number of attendees, day and time of the event, and the experience selected. Please contact RISE for pricing and additional information.

Due to limited availability of these offerings in cooperation with The Broadmoor, we anticipate these will sell out quickly. Please choose from the following experiences:


You and your prospects will gain access to the exclusive Broadmoor Farm and Greenhouse for a session led by one of their chefs. There you will discuss the various vegetables, herbs & edible flowers grown at Broadmoor Farm, how they decide what to plant, as well as when and how to harvest them. Then get ready for a hands-on cooking demonstration, featuring the bounty of the farm and showcasing the farm to table philosophy of The Broadmoor Restaurant Collection. 


An unforgettable pizza demonstration and tasting, antipasti & cheese discussion, plus make the perfect pasta! Taking place in the award-winning Ristorante del Lago, the sample menu includes chef’s selections of meats and cheeses, Margherita Pizza, Campanelle Carbonara, Strozzapreti Arrabbiata, Roman Meatballs, Pollo Arrosto, and Tiramisu Verrine.


What does it take to make crisp and flavorful fried chicken? You’ll get to the bottom of it when you are joined by five-star, five-diamond Broadmoor chefs as they talk about family recipes and their resurgence into today’s cuisine. These are not your momma’s recipes; these are your recipes and a way to reintroduce for today’s palates and plates. Sample menu includes: Warm Quiche Lorraine / Creole Spiced Deviled Eggs, Iced Tea Brined Cast Iron Fried Chicken, Buttermilk Biscuits, Red Eye Gravy, Chile Verde Red Mountain Red Trout, Slow Cooked Rice & Beans, Banana Pudding.


Pull out the chopsticks and get ready to learn how to roll out the sushi! Prepare sushi rice, learn new knife techniques with fish and veggies, and all the tricks to make gorgeous sushi rolls, and many other out-of-the ordinary treats! Immerse yourself in the eclectic world of Asian cuisine and learn to make sushi rolls and other delicious dishes. Sample menu includes: Maguro Avocado Bowls, Crispy Vegetable Potstickers, Futo Maki Roll, California Roll, Spicy Tuna Maki Roll, and Matcha Passion Fruit Cake.


Travel the world of chocolate with the Broadmoor pastry team and Valrhona Chocolate. In this experience, the chefs will invite you to taste, temper, and emulsify France’s finest couverture chocolate. You and your top prospects will take in a brief history of chocolate production and bean origin. Do you know where chocolate comes from? Why use percentages? Origin, history, and more importantly, cooking and tasting, will be central to the experience before you dive into an unforgettable tasting experience which only RISE and the Broadmoor can offer.