Exhibit Booth Upgrades


Exhibit Booth Upgrades

Upgrade your exhibit booth with our menu of options, guaranteed to significantly increase foot traffic, enhance engagement, and create buzz around your organization and product offerings. 

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34 - Unforgettable Exhibit Hall Experiences - H2688 20x20 Upgrade Booth.png

20x20 Booth: $30,000
10x20 Booth: $20,000
Available to Platinum Sponsors Only

Exclusive to Platinum Sponsors only, maximize your presence with an upgraded booth space.

24 - Unforgettable Exhibit Hall Experiences - Cocktail Bar 0164.png

6 Available

Choose from a menu of specialty drinks and enjoy your branding on a custom bar located near your exhibit booth during one of the cocktail receptions. Your logo will be printed on cocktail napkins and cups which your specialty cocktail will be served in.

27 - Unforgettable Exhibit Hall Experiences - DSC_0123.png

6 Available 


Choose from a menu of specialty break options below and enjoy the station set up at or adjacent to your booth for a 30-minute break, guaranteed to drive traffic in your direction.

  • The Cookie Cupboard
  • Build Your Own Colorado Trail Mix
  • Broadmoor Farms Smoothies & Juices
  • Seven Falls
  • Cafe Julie's Ice Cream Station
  • The Broadmoor Chocolate Experience

35 - Unforgettable Exhibit Hall Experiences - Pickleball.png

1 Available

Plink, plink! Conference attendees will eat up the hottest court trend in the US. A pickleball court with a pro will be staged on the exhibit floor inclusive of branded paddles. Attendees will flock to take their turn at this exciting new sport – a combination of ping-pong and tennis! Enjoy your branding on promotional materials, signage, and pickleball paddles.

36 - Unforgettable Exhibit Hall Experiences - Putting Green.png

1 Available

Sponsor the putting green on the exhibit floor, station your marketing staff nearby, and enjoy easy conversations and networking all conference long. Sponsorship includes your branding on promotional materials, signage, golf balls, and flags.

20 - Unforgettable Exhibit Hall Experiences - Archery Experience.png

4 Available

Ready, aim, fire! Get ready for your branded archery station on the exhibit floor or in your 20x20 booth, certain to be a hit (pun intended). Sponsorship includes your branding on promotional materials, signage, and the archery station.

37 - Unforgettable Exhibit Hall Experiences - Whiskey Tasting.png

2 Available

Get your tastebuds ready! Sponsor a whiskey tasting journey during one of the cocktail receptions with the 2018 Whiskey of the World award winner, 291 Colorado Whiskey. Conference attendees will be invited to compare flavors and aromas of a variety of whiskeys, sponsored by you. Your branding will be used on all promotional materials, signage, and cocktail napkins.

22 - Unforgettable Exhibit Hall Experiences - Cigar Rolling.png

2 Available

At this interactive station, attendees will watch an expert cigar roller use different types of tobacco, filler leaf, and binding leaf to create unique flavors. Your branding will be used on all promotional materials and signage.