RISE’s two-day virtual event features a jam-packed agenda with keynote addresses, panel discussions, and industry leader presentations. But we’ve also planned beginner-friendly, guided meditations throughout the conference to help attendees balance their minds, bodies, emotions, and spirits.

The RISE Women in Health Care Leadership Summit will return on October 29-30 to provide men and women across all job levels in health care with access to renowned leadership coaches and trainers, motivational speakers, and new this year: guided meditation breaks led by James Bene, an Intuitive Usui Reiki Master and owner and founder of Bene Mudra Wellness.

Bene, who studied meditation in Thailand and Nepal, will guide participants in a series of six meditation sessions spread throughout the two days to help attendees find the Zen between presentations.

Bene has experienced the life-changing impacts of meditation first-hand and teaches clients across the world how to create balance in their daily lives through meditation and other healing practices, he explained. “I saw the impact it had on my life, learning the art of meditation to calm my nerves, to help depression, to get out of my head, to find clarity and peace, really. And it really, truly worked and when that happened, I was more enlightened to help others.”

Meditation and connecting to one’s self are especially important in today’s environment as so many people experience isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, said Bene. “It’s so important to go inward because that’s the only way to find any type of relief. Many people look for instant gratification to heal them or fill a void in their life where if they just sit still and quiet and went into that sacred space within their heart, they really could find peace and healing,” he said.

The first four interactive sessions with Bene will each focus on one meditation and one concept aimed to balance the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. “Finding that balance between work life and home life is something that can help any person at any level, anywhere they are in their life. It’s a doorway,” he said.

The last two sessions will teach participants how to connect to the “goddess within” through breath work and somatic discovery. Connecting to the goddess within is a great tool for female entrepreneurs to open the powerful energy centers of voice, compassion, intuition, and power, explained Bene. “The goddess energy is connecting to divine feminine, intuition, compassion, self-worth on a deeper level. It’s balancing masculinity; it’s empathic energy. And we all have it, men and women.”

The six sessions are a great introduction for those who want to add more spirituality and mindfulness to their lives, something that can be as simple as stretching at your desk mindfully, explained Bene. “When people want to become spiritual, it’s not the act of being as it is the act of doing. To be a spiritual person is to be and do spiritually,” he said. “A lot of spirituality is meditative practices or affirmations or something you need to do to find this enlightenment. You have to implement that into life and practice it.”

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