Year after year, the annual event connects professionals across the health care ecosystem with industry leading executives, leadership coaches, and motivational speakers to cultivate female leadership in health care. This year, keynote speakers Mandie Kelel, M.S., marriage and family therapist, certified facilitator in Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead™ Program, and Dr. Ginny A. Baro, Ph.D., CEO, founder, Executive Bound, will pull back the curtain on what it takes to awaken the authentic leader within.

Kelel and Baro will each deliver a keynote address during The RISE Women in Health Care Leadership Summit, which will be held May 22-24 in Asheville, N.C. Here’s an inside look at what they plan to discuss:

Living into your values with Mandie Kelel

Kicking off the first full day of the conference, Monday, May 23, Kelel, a marriage and family therapist and certified facilitator in Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead™ Program, will take attendees for a journey of self-awareness as she discusses the power in getting clear on your values and how to leverage them as your greatest tool to combat burnout.

“If we can walk into a situation knowing our values, and we have the right people around us, it becomes easier to see what we truly need to do in our life and what feels right for us,” said Kelel. “When we act outside of our value system, or go outside of what’s right for ourselves, there will always be signs that something is not okay. We need to know what our true values are so that when we’re making difficult decisions or having tough conversations, even if they’re hard or scary, at least they’re centered in that value piece.”

Living into your values, one of the courage skillsets Brené Brown attributes to daring leadership, is key to reducing burnout, something that is not only common but normal in both our personal and professional lives, said Kelel. Throughout her keynote address, Kelel will discuss how to identify burnout─ physically and mentally─ and how to clarify one’s values to ask for what we need, implement behavior changes, and set healthy boundaries.

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“We have so many different arenas in our life, whether it comes to work environments, relationships, or being a parent,” said Kelel. “It’s so important to understand how values play an important part in our life.”

Prior to her keynote address, Kelel will also lead a preconference workshop on Sunday, May 22, that will explore giving ourselves “permission slips” to better meet our needs and an additional courage skillset in Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead™ Program, including challenging the myths of vulnerability to become more courageous and daring leaders.

Kelel will deliver her keynote address, “From Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead: How to Use “Living into Your Values” to Combat Burnout at Home and at Work,” at 9:40 a.m. on Monday, May 23, the first day of the main conference.

Healing leadership with Dr. Ginny A. Baro

Transformational speaker, executive coach, career strategist, and #1 bestselling author Dr. Ginny Baro will open the second day of the main conference, Tuesday, March 24, with a keynote address on the secrets to healing leadership.

We must heal ourselves as leaders before we can effectively lead those around us, according to Baro, who returns to RISE as a presenter after her popular session on developing your personal value proposition at the virtual leadership summit in 2020.

“As a leadership coach, strategist, and author, and someone who is a mother, a professional for the last 30 years, working closely with clients at all levels of the corporate ranks, I believe it all starts with us. It all starts with you the individual putting the oxygen mask on first before you can help others powerfully,” she said. “Going inward, where you take care of yourself, you’re self-aware about how committed you are to your own success personally, emotionally, spiritually, is a foundational step.”

The RISE Women in Health Care Leadership Summit

While self-care is something commonly talked about, it isn’t always something acted on, said Baro. It requires scheduling intentional personal time and connection time with the people who fill you up, she said. “We get so caught up, especially women, in supporting and helping others because it gives us so much pleasure, that in the process we sacrifice ourselves.”

It’s when we come from a place of healing that we can do our best leading, coming from a place of empathy, trust, inclusivity, and encouragement, explained Baro.

Throughout her keynote, she’ll also explore how leading from a place of healing can empower you to drive retention and lead, engage, and influence your team and stakeholders authentically and the strategies to awaken your strengths and resources to skyrocket your career.

Baro will deliver her presentation, “Healing Leadership,” at 9:40 a.m. on Tuesday, May 24, the second full day of The RISE Women in Health Care Leadership Summit, which will be held May 22-24 in Asheville, N.C. Click here to see the full agenda.