Digital health startup nirvanaHealth this week launched Aria Medicare, a Medicare Advantage-in-a-box solution that runs on Amazon Web Services.

The artificial intelligence platform is designed to improve operational efficiency, eliminating the need for multiple vendors and platforms, Ravi Ika, CEO and founder of nirvanaHealth, said in statement. It will enable Medicare Advantage (MA) plans to manage sales, general, and administrative costs at under eight percent of the total premium collected.

Aria Medicare can share actionable intelligence directly into workflows, including gaps in care, continuity of care, and accurate risk adjustment, according to the announcement.

“This truly is Medicare Advantage-in-a-box,” John Sculley, chairman of nirvanaHealth said. “No other singular platform in the market today is capable of managing Medicare Advantage as comprehensively or intelligently as Aria.”

Aria is made up of several different robotic process automation modules and deploys hundreds of bots to automate and manage various marketing, sales, administrative, financial, clinical, medical, utilization, care management, quality, and risk contracting and management functions with built-in compliance. This comprehensive automation creates a digital workforce that allows MA plans to have lean resource management for all transactional tasks, the company said.

“Empowered by platform-driven intelligence, MA plans can allocate human capital more wisely to focus on things that require human touch, such as member health care experience, social determinants of health, wellness regimens, care management, quality rating and risk management, and total cost-of-care,” Sculley said in the announcement.

However, Sculley said that since Aria is built on artificial intelligence and machine learning, these manual operations are more intelligent. He believes that by simplifying decision-making and operations, the platform will lead to higher quality outcomes and reduced operating costs. Click here to learn more.