The departments plan to establish a committee responsible for science-based advice and recommendations to the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Agriculture (USDA) as they develop the Dietary guidelines for Americans, 2025-2030.

HHS and the USDA have announced a public request for nominations to the 2025 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. The departments seek to establish a well-balanced committee that is comprised of expertise and education and reflective of racial, ethnic, gender, and geographic diversity.

Once formed, the committee will provide HHS and the USDA with their science-based recommendations, developed through evidence review, for diet and health guidelines for the departments to take into consideration as they develop the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2025-2030. The dietary guidelines aim to provide advice and guidance around healthy food and drink choices for optimal nutrition, health, and disease prevention and serves as the basis of federal nutrition policies and programs.

The departments would like the guidelines to place a new emphasis on weight loss and weight maintenance and to take on a health equity lens across all recommendations to prioritize factors such as socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, and culture.

The committee’s evidence review will consist of a three-prong approach, each with its own protocols. The process will include:

  • Nutrition and Evidence Systematic Review (NESR) systematic reviews
  • Food pattern modeling
  • Data analysis

Public nominations can be made through July 15. Click here to learn more about candidate requirements and click here to submit a nomination.