Health & Safety Protocols

Learn what steps RISE is taking to ensure a healthier and safer conference experience for attendees, speakers, exhibitors and staff

Here at RISE, we are dedicated to ensuring our attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and staff have a healthier and safer conference experience. We are incorporating health and safety measures based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the state that the event is taking place in, as well as the conference venue guidelines.

If you are not feeling well or have reason to believe you may have been exposed to COVID-19, we strongly urge you to follow the CDC guidelines for self-quarantine and not travel.


Know Before You Go

Face Coverings
May Be Required

Temperature Screenings Possible

Hand Sanitizing Recommended

Physical Distancing

Face covering requirements will be based on CDC, state, & venue guidelines. Please check with the conference venue prior to arriving, or look out for our pre-conference email which will provide guidance on face coverings.

A temperature check and self-screening may be required upon arrival each day, pending venue guidelines. If you have a fever or do not pass the self-screening, you will be asked to visit a nearby COVID-19 testing center.

Hand sanitizing stations will be set up throughout the event in conjunction with the CDC recommendation of thorough hand washing. Gloves will be available should you wish to wear them.

Physical distancing will follow CDC, state, & venue guidelines, plus we will have a color-coded system for attendees to display their comfort level for interacting with others.


How RISE is Creating a Healthier & Safer Conference Experience


  Touchless Registration
  We have created a touchless conference registration process allowing attendees to print their own badges for events. If you plan to earn continuing education credits, our staff will take care of signing you in and out so you can enjoy a complete touchless experience.
  Physical Distanced Sessions
  All sessions will be set up with physical distanced seating per CDC, state, and venue guidelines.
  Safer Food & Beverage Experience
  All food and beverage will follow CDC guidelines. Tables will be set following physical distanced guidelines from the CDC, state, and venue.
  Comfortable Networking 

We will have a color-coded system in place to allow attendees to self-select and display their comfort level for interacting with peers:

High-Fives & Handshakes
Comfortable with shaking hands and interacting close to peers

Elbows Only
Interested in interacting, but prefer elbows to handshakes and would like some distance between peers

No Contact
Six feet apart please!

  Visiting Exhibit Booths
  All exhibitors are encouraged to set up their exhibit booths with physical distancing in mind, as well as provide a touchless experience so attendees can comfortably interact and shop for solutions.
  Present with Confidence
  The speaker podium will be physically distanced from attendees, therefore speakers will not be required to wear a face covering while speaking. For panel sessions, panelists will be physically distanced per CDC, state, and venue guidelines. All AV equipment will be sanitized after each session. 
  Friendly Reminders
  Proper signage will be placed throughout the event to serve as friendly reminders of each events' protocols.


If you have additional questions about the in-person meeting experience, please contact Stephanie Atkisson at satkisson@risehealth.orgFor specific protocols from the conference venue, please visit the venue's website.


We look forward to seeing you in-person again!