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July 28, 2021  |  1:30 EST  |  1 Hour

A RISE Association Webinar in Partnership with Centauri Health Solutions

Planning Your HEDIS® Project for MY2021
Conveniently attend the webinar virtually from your home!

During this webinar, we’ll review the key things you should incorporate into planning for a successful HEDIS® MY2021 project and considerations for MY2022 and beyond. We’ll discuss updates to the MY2021 measure set and things to consider as a result of these changes. We’ll cover best practices for managing the project and key strategies to help maximize HEDIS® rates to reflect your organization’s performance. We’ll also review the importance of leveraging your resources effectively, as well as gaining organizational support for a successful project. The topics at a glance to be discussed will be: 

  • HEDIS® MY2021 measure updates
  • HEDIS® MY2022 and beyond
  • Best practices and key strategies for a successful HEDIS Project
  • Data management
  • Engaging leadership
  • Leveraging resources effectively

Who Should Attend Header

This webinar is designed to specifically benefit those with responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Quality Improvement
  • Quality Analytics
  • Quality Operations
  • Clinical Operations
  • HEDIS® Operations

  • Gain insight into the MY2021 measure changes
  • Enhance leadership support for your quality program
  • Examine data and resource management strategies
  • Leverage best practices to improve your HEDIS® scores
  • Review the end to end HEDIS® project and identify opportunities for improvement

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