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June 10th, 2021  |  1:30 EST  |  1 Hour

A RISE Association Webinar in Partnership with 3M

A Patient Driven Hierarchal Condition Code Process: Why the Buzz About HCCs?
Conveniently attend the webinar virtually from your home!

An increasing number of organizations are entering into value-based contracts. By 2030, more than 40% of patients will participate with Medical Advantage risk - based plan.  What does this mean for your organization? Depends on what you do now!

Value-based programs are designed to change how healthcare is delivered and paid for.  As health care organizations shift to value-based programs, the capture of Hierarchal Condition Codes (HCCs) will become an important factor of this shift and the reimbursement for care delivered. Join the experts from 3M HIS discuss the impact of HCCs on your organization and the potential effect on reimbursement and how a patient driven process is the most successful approach to HCC capture.     

The topics at a glance that will be discussed are:

  • Risk-based patient population; the continued shift from fee for service
  • The importance of HCCs from a patient health and financial perspective
  • Using artificial intelligence to drive clinical insights
  • Closing the loop; a comprehensive program that changes process and outcomes

Who Should Attend Header

Those interested in value based payment programs as related to HCC documentation and capture, including:

  • Population Health
  • Risk Adjustment
  • Revenue Cycle Managers
  • Clinical Documentation Specialists
  • Physicians

  • Education related to HCCs
  • Impact on patient care and reimbursement
  • Preparing to create an HCC documentation process
  • Interest in understanding how AI drives clinical insights through a closed loop process

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