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MRR 101--Pre-Season Management of a Medical Record Review Project

August 26, 2020  |  1:30 EST  |  1 Hour

A RISE Association Webinar in Partnership with Centauri Health Solutions

MRR 101-Pre-Season Management of a Medical Record Review Project
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Whether this is your first or fifteenth medical record review project, there is much information available to assist with your new project or an existing one. In this presentation, you will find ideas for planning as well as enhancements or a rebuild of your current project or ideas for structuring a new project if you are starting from scratch. While there are many components of a submission project, we will focus on medical record review only.

There are many ways to construct a medical record review project, but only one favored outcome: submitting the most accurate data to produce the soundest rates. How you go about getting to the finish line will determine your outcome. The amount of time from go-live to pencils down has shortened through the years. Therefore, efficiency and preparation play big parts in your process. The topics at a glance that will be discussed are:

  • You Must: Mandatory components of a medical record review project
  • Decisions Decisions: Best practices of medical record review project preparation
  • You Should: Quality considerations for structuring your medical record review project
  • Who Are You? Key members of a medical record review project

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This webinar is designed to specifically benefit those with responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Seasoned Medical Record Review Project Leaders and their team members
  • New Medical Record Review Project Leaders and their Project Managers

  • You are brand new to the idea of a medical record review project and you do not know where to start
  • You have successfully completed your first medical record review season and want to learn next steps
  • You are a seasoned medical record review project leader and are looking for ideas to refresh or expand your project
  • You are looking for a great way to spend an hour on a Wednesday in August
  • You have been part of medical record review projects that did not go so well, and you are looking for practical suggestions so that does not happen again
  • 2020 has not gone so well in general, you are hopeful 2021 will be better, and you want to do your part to ensure this
  • What is this “overreading” thing of which you speak?
  • You need a renewed excitement about medical record review
  • You are curious about the mental status of anyone who has survived 16 HEDIS® seasons
  • You have never heard of medical record review but heard all the cool kids do it

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