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April 28, 2022  |  1:30 EST  |  1 Hour

A RISE Association Webinar in Partnership with Ciox Health

Making Your Investment In Clinical Data Count
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Clinical data is packed with the potential to deliver better downstream analytics, reporting and workflows for improved care and efficiencies. Find out what it takes to make your investment count

Traditional chart retrieval campaigns conclude with the delivery of flat PDF files, leaving a plethora of untapped data and insight on the table. Or leaving it up to the user to abstract clinical intent. By contrast, access to structured clinical data in electronic and easily consumable formats delivers tremendous power by enabling use of data in downstream analytics, reporting and workflows.

Here’s the rub: While digital EHR and lab data has become increasingly available, it is difficult to use in its raw and episodic state. Inconsistent codes, missing or poorly organized data, and disparate sources of information for a single patient must be reconciled to transform data into a fluid and chronologic data asset.

Using risk adjustment as an example, this webinar will demonstrate how automated technologies for semantic normalization and data integration can be used to uncover patient risk factors that more accurately reflect the health of populations and individuals. Further, they will share how direct access to digital clinical data can enable new operational approaches and improve coding efficiency. The topics at a glance that will be discussed are:

  • Power and pitfalls of EHR data
  • Best practices for data normalization and integration
  • Examples use cases for harmonized electronic clinical data
  • Ciox Data Harmonization Case Study
  • Questions and Answers

Who Should Attend This Webinar

This webinar is designed to specifically benefit those with responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Health Plan Risk Adjustment practitioners
  • Membership acquisition
  • Quality and Revenue
  • Compliance
  • Medicare Market

Top Reasons to Attend This Webinar

  • Learn about the evolution of clinical data.
  • Understand the competencies required to increase the utility of acquired clinical data

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