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October 20-21, 2021

A Live-Streaming Virtual Seminar 

Cybersecurity Governance and Controls for Health Care
Strengthening Digital Resilience 

 The harsh reality is that no one is safe from cybercrime in health care. As technology expands access to health care and to members, it also exposes health plans' vulnerabilities to exploitative cyberthreats and phishing attacks, particularly within a remote and cloud-based infrastructure. As threats grow exponentially, it’s imperative for compliance, risk, and security leaders to stay well ahead of lagging regulations, in order to secure enterprise data and protect patient privacy and safety from ransomware.

Our inaugural Cybersecurity Governance and Controls for Health Care virtual seminar will bring together compliance, risk, privacy, and information security professionals from health care organizations nationwide to exchange cybersecurity insights on risk assessment, controls, governance, vendor due diligence, regulatory compliance, and breach investigations, to grow your organization’s digital resilience and ensure physical security in the age of cloud computing.


Who Should Attend Virtual Seminar

This conference is designed for mid- to senior-level management professionals responsible for compliance, risk, IS, and privacy and may be particularly useful for those working as:

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
  • HIPAA Privacy Officer
  • Compliance Programs Manager
  • Counsel, Risk Management
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Director, Enterprise Risk Management
  • Director, Privacy and Security
  • Ethics Officer
  • Information Technology Director (IT Director)
  • Risk Management Lead
  • SVP Internal Audit, Compliance & Risk Management
  • SVP Quality, Safety and Risk Management

Top Reasons to Attend Virtual Seminar

  • Understand what privacy and compliance officers need to know about the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape 
  • Discover controls that you must have in place to minimize chances for a breach and stymie business loss in case of a breach
  • Study how one health plan reorganized the reporting structure to optimize organizational agility in the age of rising ransomware attacks
  • Understand the latest threats impacting organizations and how incident response planning is crucial in your strategy 
  • Learn how to effectively explain the technical to the non-technical and secure appropriate resources
  • Shore up the substance of your security program, the strength of defenses, and the integrity of your investigations to learn and get better
  • Build a disaster recovery plan with impact analysis, resiliency, and recovery strategies to minimize business interruptions and loss
  • Gain tactics to help the board understand the current threat landscape and magnitude
  • Discuss how to elevate governance and ensure the right people and resources are in place
  • Learn how other organizations track and report on phishing campaigns, retrain their workforce, audit FDRs, work with regulators, and generally manage cybersecurity

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