Join Us Virtually for
The 4th Annual RISE Population Health Summit
Dramatically Improve Your Population Health Initiatives

The RISE Population Health Summit is the place to discover strategies that will take your population health initiatives to the next level. Back for its third consecutive meeting, November's live-streaming summit delves into addressing members in crisis, increasing member satisfaction, and tackling the most pressing issues related to population health including the dramatic increase in hospital readmissions post-pandemic, maternal health care among vulnerable populations, and so much more. In addition to providing unequaled actionable instruction, this year's summit also offers the opportunity to network virtually with industry leaders as they share their expertise over 13 key sessions. You'll come away better able to reduce the overall cost of members' health by identifying proven ways to manage their existing lifestyles and environments to improve overall health.

Committed to uniting forward-focused innovators from across population health management and boasting an expert speaking faculty, the RISE Population Health Summit provides critical strategies for health plans aiming to improve their population health efforts. 


2021 Content Themes:

Holistic Health Care Improvement  •  Population Health in Medicare  •  Progressive Change in Population Health Care  •  Enhancing Efficiency in Health Care

This event is designed primarily for Health Service Departments and Clinical Groups at Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Health Plans.

It will also be beneficial for mid-to senior level professionals with responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Clinical Services

  • Medical Management

  • Case/Disease Management

  • Population Health and Data Analytics

In addition, those working in:

  • Behavioral & Mental Health

  • Substance Use Disorder

  • Pharmacy

  • Benefit & Network Management

  • Quality Improvement

  • Social Determinants of Health will also gain crucial strategies necessary to maximizing population health management in their organizations.

Top Reasons to Attend

  • Hear from behavioral specialists on the psychological impact of the pandemic on both adolescents and children, and learn strategies for creating a support plan to help improve their outcomes.

  • Discover new techniques to engage with mental health membership virtually, including virtual group therapy, and learn how to reengage members with their primary support systems.
  • Examine additional stressors placed on caregivers during the pandemic, and learn what strategies can be implemented to reduce the burden and possible burn out to ultimately ensure the health of the caregiver and member are of the highest quality.
  • Analyze the support needed for expecting mothers that can drastically improve health care during the pregnancy, increasing the likelihood of a healthy child with minimal health complications.
  • Discuss and dissect the data on Medicare claims over the past year to identify trends and patterns that may impact how you prepare for the future.
  • Hear from industry leaders as they discuss creating the dream team of health care professionals that can positively impact the overall health outcomes of your members.
  • Prepare for change in health care delivery as in-home assessments and monitoring show rapid growth throughout the pandemic.
  • Create a plan of action for continued health care support for a longer living population, including staffing needs, and changes to health care offerings.
  • Explore strategies to connect with your hard-to-reach members virtually, and also provide digital intelligence to ensure they are receiving the best virtual care.
  • Implement a plan of action to reduce admissions and readmissions to the hospital hrough a streamlined communication plan and identification of hazardous factors leading to unnecessary hospital visits.

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