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August 3-4, 2022

A Live-Streaming Virtual Seminar 

Create the Ultimate Engagement Strategy and Discover How to Improve Member Satisfaction to Optimize Member Experience and Improve Care.

The inaugural Member Engagement and Experience Symposium is a master class for health plans seeking to optimize their member outreach and achieve the highest possible levels of member satisfaction. This virtual seminar connects quality, risk adjustment, customer service, sales, marketing, population health, and other health plan professionals with touchpoints in the member journey cycle.

Over two days of eight highly focused sessions, seasoned industry specialists will share tactical strategies covering these key themes:
Member Outreach vs Engagement
Excelling at Core Components of Member Experience
Reevaluating Offerings and Measuring Effectiveness in a Late Pandemic Landscape

At only $199 per registration, your entire team can be fully up-to-speed after two days of online learning with experts.  Make your plans now to attend.

This virtual seminar is curated for mid- to senior level professionals from Medicare Advantage health plans, service providers, and consultants in the following job functions: 

  • Quality  
  • Stars 
  • Risk Adjustment & HCC Coding 
  • Customer Service & Experience 
  • Marketing 
  • Sales 
  • Population Health 
  • Social Determinants of Health 
  • Physician Outreach & Education 
  • Member Outreach, Engagement, & Experience 
  • Care Management 
  • Network Management 

  • Identify the difference between member outreach and engagement, and why to move beyond outreach to true engagement. 
  • Rethink messaging and imaging to better reach diverse member populations and reduce disparities in health care. 
  • Analyze the impact of in-home benefits and assessments to determine impact on member satisfaction and care. 
  • Get to know which channels to use for which types of outreach and which member populations. 
  • Hear from panelists on actions to take now that can still make a difference in 2022, and then contribute your own quick-hit ideas to optimize member engagement and improve member experience. 

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