JUNE 16-17, 2021 

Join us virtually for
2021's Medicare Advantage Member Accounting & Reconciliation Summit

From Part D to Enrollment Data Validation and from COB & MSP to Risk Adjustment, the Medicare Advantage Member Accounting and Reconciliation Summit is the only conference providing best practices for operational and financial reconciliation for Medicare Advantage plans. This event offers both high-level strategy and boots-on-the-ground operational training through two days of focused, actionable instruction featuring key sessions and a pre-conference workshop. 

This event is designed for Medicare Advantage plan executives and professionals working in the following fields:

- Revenue and Reconciliation 
- Finance 
- Operations/Support 
- Part D 
- Enrollment/Eligibility/Billing
- Reporting & Compliance
- Risk Adjustment Management 
- Medicare & Government Programs 

In addition, Medicare Advantage professionals working with job functions in Accounting, Data Reporting & Analytics, IT and Business Systems Analysis would benefit from this program.


  • Maximize revenue and close gaps with an effective reconciliation strategy
  • Deep dive into best practices for timely and accurate enrollment and billing reconciliation to ensure you are getting the right payments for the right claims
  • Unpack CMS changes to ESRD membership and Hospice to recapture revenue
  • Ensure you are submitting and maintaining accurate data for CMS to position yourself for success
  • Organize complex data and streamline your reconciliation processes with innovative strategies and tools
  • Implement proven and effective Part D reconciliation methods and develop a strategy to shore up cost containment efforts
  • Examine best practices for risk factors reconciliation and capitation payments and strategies to protect and position MMRs
  • Gain knowledge to streamline your accounting and reconciliation processes
  • Leverage partnerships to effectively navigate COVID claims and manage risk