Save the Date for August 2022

The 2022 Health Care Investing Summit 
Connecting Health Care Investors with Emerging Health Care Service Providers 

Designed to facilitate connection between emerging solution providers, the investment community and leaders in the health care industry, 2022's Health Care Investing Summit provides unmatched industry intelligence and ample networking opportunities in an open, intimate environment. With the right partnerships, we can foster change in the health care industry and achieve positive financial returns. 

Brought to you by FRA and RISE Health, 2022's summit centers on three major content themes:  

- Defining trends and opportunities in Health Care investing 
- Evaluating fund models and successful investment strategies 
- Quantifying returns through an impact lens

Through collaborative investor panels illustrating best practices and effective investing strategies, August's virtual summit will provide the tools you need to capitalize on the shifting health care landscape and do well by doing good.  

Experience the Opportunity for Health Care Startups to Get in Front of Investors! 
August's summit features three back-to-back technology demonstration sessions designed for investors and industry leaders to learn the most innovative and promising technology solutions in the health care industry. Interested in getting front of the investor community? Contact Marina Adamsky for more information. 

Who Should Attend 715

Venture Capitalists, Investment Firms, Impact Investors, Family Offices, Investment Banks, Private Equity, and Private Donors in Health Care
Mid- to Senior-level Executives with the following job functions:

  • Investments
  • Strategy Impact 
  • Impact & Responsible Investments 
  • Partner Engagement 
  • Portfolio Management 
  • Community Impacts & Investments 
  • Impact Analytics 
  • Social Impact 

Startups, Service Providers & Consultants  

  • Technology solution providers
  • Fintech companies
  • SDoH vendors
  • Community organizations
  • Health equity/ SDoH startup companies
  • Health care businesses seeking A,B,C investment rounds
  • Investment advisory firms

Health Plans and Health Care Providers 
Mid- to Senior-level Executives with the following job functions:

  • Health Equity
  • Social & Community Impact
  • Inclusion
  • Community Investment

Top Reasons to Attend

  • Discuss trends in the shifting health care industry and analyze key factors that should be considered in the time of COVID-19

  • Join a convenient format of three back-to-back tech demo sessions designed for investors and industry leaders to learn the most innovative and promising technology solutions in the health care industry

  • Evaluate different innovations in the social determinants of health space and hear how to quantify SDoH initiatives and outcomes. Understand short-term vs. long-term ROI expectations and explore how to effectively measure impact and evaluate risk and return

  • Learn success strategies for the payer, provider and investor to reap a healthy financial ROI and discuss different approaches to quantifying returns from an impact lens and understand how to create sustainability

  • Gain best practices to make connections with practitioners for buy-in with tech or tools implementation

  • Hear from Quantified Ventures on this investment fund serving as a credit enhancement to allow community-based organizations (CBOs) to access market capital – a new and exciting way to participate in impact investing

  • Examine ways impact investing can help reduce barriers to access to care and explore effective and inclusive service models

  • Gain insights best practices and lessons learned for successful community partnerships and SDoH programs that have had a positive ROI