Save the Date for October 2022

Save the Date for CompliancePalooza 2022

Back for the 6th consecutive year, CompliancePalooza is designed to help you address ever-evolving regulatory updates, mitigate risk and ensure successful audit outcomes. This year’s event focuses not only on the changes COVID-19 wrought on compliance, but also the brand-new Program Integrity Audit and the key protocol changes to the Program Audit.

Together, in an open and collaborative forum, we’ll dive into lessons learned, best practices and actionable strategies to ensure you’re in the position to appropriately address all top-of-mind compliance challenges.

Who Should Attend

With a variety of sessions covering CMS program audits, FDR oversight and provider monitoring, data management, and compliance program effectiveness, CompliancePalooza 2021 will bring together mid- to senior-level professionals from all functions of compliance and delegate oversight including:


  • Medicare and Medicare Advantage Health Plans
  • Medical Care Nonprofits
  • Drug Management Solutions Providers
  • Regulatory Counsel 
  • Consultants 
  • Other Service Providers 


  • Medicare Compliance
  • Compliance Operations and Administration 
  • Claims, Data Analytics and Audits
  • Appeals and Grievances
  • Ethics, Privacy and Risk 
  • Delegation Oversight
  • Government Programs and Regulatory Affairs 


  • Directors of Compliance Operations
  • Directors of Vendor Performance and Oversight
  • Medicare Advantage Compliance Officers
  • Directors of Government Programs and Compliance
  • Directors of Appeals and Grievances
  • Medicare Pharmacy Compliance Officers
  • Directors of External Audit and Compliance

When you participate in this year's event, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Dive into CY 2022 protocol changes for Medicare Advantage and Part D program audits to understand what new programming and workflows are needed
  • Learn how plans are preparing for the brand-new CY 2021 Program Integrity Audit and get a running start – or polish your game plan – to confirm FWA monitoring to CMS
  • Study one plan’s approach in responding to a phishing attack that resulted in a breach of over 500 individuals and come away with successful tactics and lessons learned from their experience
  • Discover exactly how CMS financial audits have expanded in scope and better prepare your response
  • Learn best practices to manage relationships with a growing list of involved regulators to pivot successfully in the Biden Administration era of expanded scrutiny
  • Gain clarity on accessibility standards for marketing materials, call centers, and all your communications, to ensure compliance and high stars scores
  • Take an in-depth look at the interoperability and transparency rollout and find out how to meet the challenges of working with vendors and checking-off critical compliance milestones
  • Find out how plans are managing HIPAA compliance related concerns and how migrating back to the office, or perhaps working remotely, is impacting compliance
  • Learn directly from a health plan which underwent a recent and surprisingly far-reaching One-Third Financial Audit unlike any other
  • Discuss mitigation efforts for the disjointed guidance and requirements for compliance and how uniformity will benefit the patient
  • Identify contractual vulnerabilities and effective FDR risk management strategies before problems arise

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