The CMS Bid Boot Camp
January 22-23, 2024


Monday - January 22, 2024

8:00 AM 9:00 AM

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5:00 AM 6:00 AM

Pre-Conference Workshop Registration Desk Open and Networking Breakfast

8:00 AM 6:05 PM

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Exhibit Hall Open

9:00 AM 10:30 AM

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Pre-Conference Workshop: CMS Bid 101, Part 1: Deep Dive into Bid Basics and the Plan Benefit Package (PBP)

  • Review key terms, files, reports, and timelines for the bid 
  • Understand the connection between the bid and the Medicare Plan Finder 
  • Get an update on Health Plan Management System (HPMS) and PBP changes 
  • Walk through the PBP and get clear explanations of its many sections, fields, and rules 
  • Learn PBP completion strategies that give your health plan a competitive edge 


Ana Handshuh, Principal 
CAT5 Strategies 

Zachary White, Associate Actuary 

10:30 AM 10:45 AM

9:30 AM 9:45 AM

8:30 AM 8:45 AM

7:30 AM 7:45 AM


10:45 AM 12:15 PM

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7:45 AM 9:15 AM

Pre-Conference Workshop: CMS Bid 101, Part 2: Understanding the Financial Side of the Bid

  • Learn how decisions on the benefit package connect to the actuarial work done in the Bid Pricing Tool (BPT) 
  • Discover how base bids, benchmark rates, risk scores, and other bid variables in the CMS bid calculation affect health plan revenue 
  • Explore CMS tools and tests that determine pricing  

Anant Galande, Director, Corporate Actuarial
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Matt Kridgen, Consulting Actuary 

12:15 PM 1:15 PM

11:15 AM 12:15 PM

10:15 AM 11:15 AM

9:15 AM 10:15 AM

Networking Lunch and Conference Registration

1:15 PM 1:25 PM

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10:15 AM 10:25 AM

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Ana Handshuh, Principal 
CAT5 Strategies 

1:25 PM 2:25 PM

12:25 PM 1:25 PM

11:25 AM 12:25 PM

10:25 AM 11:25 AM

Keynote Address: The Future of the CMS VBID Model

  • Explore what CMS has learned from the value-based insurance design (VBID) model about improving health outcomes and addressing health inequities while containing costs 
  • Hear about CMS’ future plans for VBID, including the VBID hospice benefit component 
  • Learn about VBID reporting requirements 
  • Ask CMS your burning questions about VBID 

Michael de la Guardia, VBID Model Co-Lead
CMS Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation


2:25 PM 3:10 PM

1:25 PM 2:10 PM

12:25 PM 1:10 PM

11:25 AM 12:10 PM

Best Practices to Optimize Your Bid: Year-Round Project Management and Process Strategies

  • Review the CMS schedule and understand that the bid is a year-round project 
  • Design the perfect bid team with players from across the organization and implement strong communications to ensure a smooth process 
  • Create a successful project management structure with a multi-disciplinary review resulting in an optimal bid that meets CMS deadlines and internal strategic goals 

Mike Spicer, Vice President, Product
Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan

Puneet Budhiraja, Chief Actuary
Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan


3:10 PM 3:30 PM

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12:10 PM 12:30 PM

Networking Break

3:30 PM 4:15 PM

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1:30 PM 2:15 PM

12:30 PM 1:15 PM

Defining Your Market Strategy When Facing Revenue Headwinds

  • Get an overview of CMS changes that may create revenue headwinds for your health plan 
  • Analyze key factors and data about your market to gain an edge on your competition 
  • Learn how to gather the necessary data to determine what benefits your current and prospective members want and need 
  • Plan your strategy for retention and growth, even when budgets are tight 


Joshua Phelps, Vice President, Chief Actuary 
Florida Blue Medicare 

Katie Lavelle, Director of Business Development 

4:15 PM 5:00 PM

3:15 PM 4:00 PM

2:15 PM 3:00 PM

1:15 PM 2:00 PM

Trends and Innovations in Supplemental Benefits

  • Discover supplemental benefit trends and explore unique offerings 
  • Learn techniques for determining what supplemental benefits are most cost-effective, how to price and include them in your bid, and how they can help address social determinants of health 
  • Assess the pros and cons of participating in Special Supplemental Benefits for the Chronically Ill (SSBCI), Value-Based Insurance Design (VBID), and other special programs 

Ana Handshuh, Principal
CAT5 Strategies

Jenn Kerfoot, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer

5:00 PM 5:05 PM

4:00 PM 4:05 PM

3:00 PM 3:05 PM

2:00 PM 2:05 PM

Closing Remarks

Ana Handshuh, Principal 
CAT5 Strategies

5:05 PM 6:05 PM

4:05 PM 5:05 PM

3:05 PM 4:05 PM

2:05 PM 3:05 PM

Networking Cocktail Reception

Join us for drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and face-to-face networking with peers.

Tuesday - January 23, 2024

8:00 AM 9:00 AM

7:00 AM 8:00 AM

6:00 AM 7:00 AM

5:00 AM 6:00 AM

Registration Desk Open and Networking Breakfast 

8:00 AM 1:30 PM

7:00 AM 12:30 PM

6:00 AM 11:30 AM

5:00 AM 10:30 AM

Exhibit Hall Open

9:00 AM 9:10 AM

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6:00 AM 6:10 AM

Welcome and Day One Takeaways

Ana Handshuh, Principal 
CAT5 Strategies

9:10 AM 9:55 AM

8:10 AM 8:55 AM

7:10 AM 7:55 AM

6:10 AM 6:55 AM

Pharmacy Benefit Reforms: Navigating the Unknown

  • Review the massive pharmacy benefit reforms resulting from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and explore how they will impact the bid 
  • Get tips for navigating the uncertainty of future pharmacy revenues and national coverage determinations for Alzheimer’s medications and other new high-cost drugs 
  • Consider Part B vs. Part D benefit design to maximize rebates and minimize cost  
  • Prepare for even bigger changes in 2025 that will affect your next bid 

Anant Galande, Director, Corporate Actuarial
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Omar Daoud, Director of Pharmacy
Community Health Plan of Washington




9:55 AM 10:40 AM

8:55 AM 9:40 AM

7:55 AM 8:40 AM

6:55 AM 7:40 AM

Part D Changes: Work Through the Chaos to Build a Competitive Bid

  • Get tips for building a balanced bid for long-term financial stability, even with the impact of pharmacy benefit changes from CMS and the IRA 
  • Understand how the IRA could affect member behavior and how to strengthen your bid to compete in the current climate 
  • Learn to leverage your pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) to support your bid 


Omar Daoud, Senior Director of Pharmacy 
Community Health Plan of Washington 

Greg Collins, Associate Actuary 

10:40 AM 11:00 AM

9:40 AM 10:00 AM

8:40 AM 9:00 AM

7:40 AM 8:00 AM

Tools & Technology Spotlight

Leading service providers will showcase their offerings in a quick-pitch setting. Evaluate the latest and greatest tech tools to bring back to your organization. 

Wakely Consulting Group, an HMA Company 

11:00 AM 11:20 AM

10:00 AM 10:20 AM

9:00 AM 9:20 AM

8:00 AM 8:20 AM

Networking Break

11:20 AM 12:05 PM

10:20 AM 11:05 AM

9:20 AM 10:05 AM

8:20 AM 9:05 AM

How the New V28 Risk Score Model Will Impact the Bid

  • Get insight into how V28 will affect risk score assumptions and revenue modeling for the bid 
  • Learn how to build up a risk profile based on current members while aligning the bid and operations for maximum performance 
  • Understand how ongoing retrospective and prospective risk adjustment activities contribute to revenue projections 


Shannon Decker, PhD, MBA, MBA, M.Ed, M.Ed, Principal 
VBC One 

Laura Sheriff, Vice President, Risk Adjustment
Southwestern Health Resources

Brandon Solomon, Vice President, Chief Growth Officer
Convey Health Solutions

12:05 PM 12:50 PM

11:05 AM 11:50 AM

10:05 AM 10:50 AM

9:05 AM 9:50 AM

Leveraging the Bid to Improve Star Ratings while Meeting New Requirements

  • Get an overview of the changes to Star ratings and how they will impact the bid 
  • Explore bid strategies to improve Star ratings, considering the new Health Equity Index 
  • Understand how bid changes impact different members and how to ensure member retention and growth 

Carrie Meyer, Au.D., Director of Clinical Programs
Amplifon Hearing Health Care

Rex Wallace, Principal
Rex Wallace Consulting, LLC

Daniel Weaver, Senior Vice President, Stars and Quality
Zing Health

12:50 PM 1:50 PM

11:50 AM 12:50 PM

10:50 AM 11:50 AM

9:50 AM 10:50 AM

Networking Lunch

1:50 PM 2:35 PM

12:50 PM 1:35 PM

11:50 AM 12:35 PM

10:50 AM 11:35 AM

Focus on Bid Submission for a Special Needs Plan (SNP)

  • Review recent SNP trends 
  • C-SNP, D-SNP, I-SNP: What’s right for your market? 
  • Discuss why SNP memberships are churning and how to avoid that 

Gabriel Hitchcock, Vice President of Business Development 

Meg Jordan, SNP Program Director
Prominence Health

Steve Wrangham, Associate Vice President, Medicare Product
Bright Health/Central Health Plan of California/Brand New Day

2:35 PM 3:20 PM

1:35 PM 2:20 PM

12:35 PM 1:20 PM

11:35 AM 12:20 PM

The CMS Desk Review: Preparing for Increased Scrutiny

  • Get tips for handling the increased scrutiny of CMS reviewers 
  • Find out the current hot button issues that reviewers are focusing on 
  • Learn best practices to limit mistakes and bid reuploads 
  • Prepare for CMS’ announcement on Part D National Average Bid Amount (NABA) and its impact on your bid planning 

Kaleb Holt, Director of Medicare Products

3:20 PM 3:25 PM

2:20 PM 2:25 PM

1:20 PM 1:25 PM

12:20 PM 12:25 PM

Closing Remarks and Conference Concludes

Ana Handshuh, Principal 
CAT5 Strategies

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